So you want to lift, improve your strength, get lean, and not pay a fortune…. now what?

The $20 Strength Club is designed to bridge the gap for people already motivated to get to the gym, but who have no structure or guidance in their current training.

We will program your lifts for you, and switch to a new program every month to avoid

stagnation in the gym, while allowing you to track your weights and progress over time.


Basically, this is science-based strength training, meets a virtual personal trainer.

Get a new training program delivered automatically to your TeamBuildr app every month with the $20 Strength Club subscription-based service! This training program is updated monthly and comes complete with linked exercise videos and notes to remind you how to lift properly. This is a great option for those of you that have experience in the weight room and would like a structured program that varies month to month, but it is also suitable for beginners as you can scale to your abilities. You’ll be doing the same program as everyone else with this membership, so you will have access to an online community and messaging through the TeamBuildr app if you have any questions.


Through your TeamBuildr account, you will have the option to select or opt-out of email reminders when you have a new workout in your calendar. Some months there will be 3 workouts per week, and others there will be 4 workouts per week. You can do the workouts on any day of the week despite them showing up in your calendar either M/W/F or M/Tu/Th/F. We suggest giving yourself a day off or two when you are too sore from the previous workout. New programs are automatically updated on the 1st of each month.


"I am not new to the gym and I have still

continued to get personal bests by

following the 20SC programs. They are

easy to follow and fit into my

busy schedule."

- Jodi T.


Subscribe here for the $20 Strength Club and we will get your first program to you in 24 hours or less:

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