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Carla Robbins
Owner of Vital Strength
Exercise Physiologist
MKin, BKin
CSEP-CEP High Performance Specialist
Head Strength Coach for UofC Dinos Women's Hockey
MRU University Instructor
NCCP Weightlifting 
ISAK level 1 anthropometrist
L2 Reconditioning, L1 FRC, L1 FST
Expecting athletes to attend Tokyo 2021 and Beijing 2022

Carla grew up playing every sport under the sun. Read: swimming, gymnastics, karate, diving, tennis, basketball, ultimate, cycling, basketball. She settled on volleyball through middle and high school and moved on to running soon after high school. She now runs ultramarathons and placed 11th at her most recent ultra in 2019.

With a Master's of Kinesiology from the University of Calgary, her passion is in tackling national level athletes both in strength training and conditioning, as well as testing and monitoring. She currently works with athletes trying to fulfill their goals at the World Cup and Olympic level, a handful of them attaining Olympic appearances in the past.

She is often referred clients by top level chiropractors and physiotherapists who recognize that treatments alone are not enough to solve movement issues that arise from poor movement patterns in the first place. For this reason, she works closely with doctors and therapists to help create a more well-rounded approach to performance.


Clinical populations are also in Carla's scope of practice, and as a Certified Exercise Physiologist (CEP), she is trained to work with clients with more than one underlying chronic disease. Carla plans to stay involved in these complex populations through one on one work - helping people plan and implement their training plan. Recently, her specialty has been working with those pursuing Olympic dreams and those in movement-related pain.

Nicholas Simpson
Owner of UpToPhate
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Precision Nutrition
Head Strength Coach for Canadian Swimmers
2014 and 2018 Olympics with Speed Skating
Expecting athletes to attend Tokyo 2021 and Beijing 2022

Nick joins Vital from close to a decade of working with high performance athletes - having coached multiple medal winning athletes at the international & Olympic level in speed skating & swimming. This gave him a unique insight into the integrative approach it takes to push boundaries far past the norm. A full support team might include a coach, strength coach, physiologist, nutritionist, physiotherapist, massage therapist, physician, psychologist, biomechanist, data analyst, and equipment technician. Not only is he well-versed in how the full support team runs on an intimate level, he believes we are moving towards a system that is less about individual specialties, and more about blending the borders, and thinking outside the box. With this approach as a strength and conditioning coach, Nick looks to not only to get someone strong and fit, but also to look at the bigger picture of their recovery, their lifestyle, their biomechanics in movement patterns, and their psychology.

No matter who the client, Nick tries to leverage his knowledge & experience with each of those areas to find a solution... and usually, a few solutions. Most problems are framed by asking "where do you want to be?" (what's the need), "where are you now?" (what's the gap), and "how do we get there?" (what's the plan). Finding the best solution depends on that ability he's cultivated of seeing the whole picture and in guiding you where you need to go. 

Brendan Hauptman

Novice/Development Luge Coach

2014 NextGen Luge Assistant Coach


NCCP Certified

HighFive Principles of Healthy Childhood Development

Brendan grew up a multi-sport athlete in Kimberley BC, doing cross country running, volleyball, ski racing, competitive swimming and mountain biking before being recruited to do luge in 2001. Eventually, he worked his way up to the National Team, narrowly missing out on the 2010 Olympics, but was crowned National Champion the following year. His sliding career was cut short by a concussion, but he has remained with the team as a coach and mentor to younger athletes. 


Brendan has a degree in Health and Physical Education from Mount Royal University, with a major in Physical Literacy. He has been coaching sports for over 16 years, in sports ranging from swim lessons all the way to being the assistant coach for the junior national luge team. When working with young athletes, Brendan really tries to emphasize the FUN in FUNdamentals, and setting them up for early and future success in sport by creating a solid foundation on which other trainers can build on. As Brendan is looking to become a physiotherapist in the future, he puts emphasis with his athletes on injury prevention and proper technique helping to build strong, resilient athletes. 

Jenna Rauch
Bachelor in Human Physical Education - Athletic Therapy
Certified Athletic Therapist (CAT)

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)
First Responder

Jenna was born and raised in Smithers, a small town in Northern BC. She grew up dancing competitively and playing every sport she could including volleyball, basketball, rugby, and track and field. In Grade 11, Jenna went on an exchange to Denmark where she became fluent in Danish and learnt about the sport of European handball. This is when she knew she wanted a sports-related career, and realized how much she loved strength and conditioning.

Jenna completed a 4-year bachelor’s degree in Health and Physical Education with a Major in Athletic Therapy from Mount Royal University. During her time at university she worked with the University of Calgary Football team, Wrestling, Cross-country, and Track and Field teams, as well as Mount Royal University’s Women’s Hockey team. In her last semester of schooling she interned at Peak Power Sport Development as a student strength and conditioning coach. Jenna learnt about Olympic lifting at Peak Power and hopes to include these lifts into programs for clients where it is suitable.

Jenna loves to be outdoors any way she can. In the winter she loves to snowmobile, cross-country ski, and snowshoe. In the summer she enjoys hiking, camping, and canoeing. She enjoys staying active through strength training, running, and plenty of yoga.


Her treatment plans and rehab programs reflect this and are very exercise-based. What Jenna loves about athletic therapy and strength and conditioning is how she can help people move better to subsequently feel better. She aims to not only help her patients recover from their injuries, but return them to doing what they love in a condition better than before so they will not re-injure themselves. Her experience playing and working with a variety of different sports gives her the adaptability to work with anyone, athletes and non-athletes alike!

Chantelle (1).jpg
Chantelle Ball
Masters of Kinesiology (MKin)
Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist (CSEP-CEP)
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

Heading 1

Chantelle was born and raised in Calgary, where she grew up playing competitive fastpitch. Her parents inspired a love of sports and physical activity from a young age, which led her to eventually pursue her Bachelor of Kinesiology from the University of Calgary. In 2019, she returned to the University of Calgary to study in the Master of Kinesiology program, which specializes in applied exercise physiology, and has since graduated in 2021.

Chantelle has experience in a wide variety of areas, including personal training, strength & conditioning and exercise physiology testing for high performance athletes, and strength training for neuromuscular conditions such as spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, and stroke. Her current areas of interest include (but are certainly not limited to): youth athlete development, neuro-rehabilitation, the use of exercise prescription for mental health and wellness, and exercise as a countermeasure for human spaceflight.

Chantelle strongly believes that movement is medicine – that the way we choose to move our
bodies day-to-day impacts how we look and feel, both mentally and physically.


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