our programs


Have you tried a variety of programs, therapies, and practitioners and haven't seen the results you want? Need high performance but can't figure out who can help?


At Vital we pride ourselves with being able to help a lot of complex clients. From Olympians with complex histories, to hobby triathletes and weekend warriors, to complex presentations and sources of pain that are hard to figure out.

We have done hundreds of assessments and thousands of hours of training teams and individuals. Even in the most elite performers, and despite some of the most complex pain displays, most people lack the basics. 

We work primarily in a 1-1 fashion, but have created various programs to bridge the gap between those who want to take advantage of our expertise, but want less contact or more affordable rates. We wanted to make the basics more accessible to more people so that we can continue to have an impact at every level. 

Our current programs: