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Q: What equipment do I need?

A: You will get the most out of this program if you have access to the following: barbell,

plates, assorted dumbbells, barbell rack or pull up bar, adjustable bench, mini-bands, long bands, and an exercise ball.

Q: Is cardio included?

A: No, this program is strictly for weight lifting.

Q: Will this program help with body composition improvement, or just strength gains?

A: Because a key component of improving your body composition is increasing your

metabolic rate, and increasing lean muscle mass, this program will aid in both strength

gains and body composition improvement.

Q: How many days of workouts are included in the program?

A: There are generally 3-4 training days per week, and these workouts are repeated for the duration of the month. The 4th day is generally optional, and if you don’t complete one of the days in your program, they will stay in your calendar regardless.

Q: What is the workout split?

A: Depending on the month, it can vary from full body days to an upper/lower split, and

sometimes an optional glute-focused day.

Q: When are new programs released?

A: New programs are released on the 1st of each month.

Q: What if I don't have one of the pieces of equipment needed to perform the exercise on my program?

A: There is a red Opt Out button on the bottom left of each exercise screen. You can select "lack of equipment" as the reason for opting out, and search from a list of hundreds of other exercises to find one that is suitable for the equipment you do have.

Q: When will I get my program?

A: You'll get your program upon purchase. Your billing cycle will start from the date that you paid, but programs will always come out on the 1st of the month.

Q: How will I get my program?

A: Your program will be automatically updated in your TeamBuildr app once we get you set up with an account through us, Vital Strength & Physiology. Please look for an email from TeamBuildr, and makes sure to check your trash and junk mail, too. Programs can be accessed from your phone once you download the app from the app store, or from your desktop computer, where there is also an option to print and record your workouts manually. 

Q: Is this program customized?

A: No, this is not a custom program. If you'd like one, we offer that too, for $150/month. 

Q: Is there a nutrition component to this program?

A: No, there is not. I can offer coaching on nutrition separately at variable rates. I also have some Registered Dieticians our my network that we would be happy to refer you to.

Q: I missed a month because I was injured or chose not to lift...what do I do?

A: The programs are stored in the TeamBuildr app for the months you’ve paid. If you miss a month, you can save it for a later date as you are encouraged to perform the current month with the group.

Q: What does it mean when two exercises are listed as “A” on my workout?

A: If two exercises are listed under the same letter (ie A) Back Squat; A) Press), this means they are supersetted exercises. This means that when you are done all your reps of Back Squat, you will go onto Press, take the allotted rest interval, and then return to complete the rest of the sets.

Q: I need to pause my membership for a month, can I? Can I cancel it at any time?

A: While you cannot pause your membership, you can cancel it at any time. Just let Carla know, and she will be happy to cancel your recurring payments (carlaesprit@gmail.com)


Q: What if I need a substitution for an exercise?

A: Email us directly (info@vitalstrengthphysiology.com), OR the TeamBuildr app will allow you to “opt out” of any exercise you want by selecting another exercise from our exercise library on your own. We can’t guarantee every substituted exercise has accurate video instruction or demo attached to it, but changing or opting out of an exercise is a built-in feature of the app.

Q: Is there a video for each exercise provided?

A: Yes, as long as you stick to the monthly program provided, and don’t “opt out” of any exercises. The videos can be found at the top right, red button, once you click on an exercise on a given day in your program

Q: Does the app record the weights I entered? How do I view the weights I entered?

A: Once you save a weight that you used in the app, it will also save in the history button in the top right, as shown below. This will allow you to easily find the weight that you lifted the previous week, increase or decrease accordingly, and track progress over time. 


Q: What is the benefit to getting this program versus just using workouts out of a Men’s or Women’s Health Magazine?

A: For one, these workouts will be tailored by a certified exercise physiologist and strength coach, with a Master’s of Kinesiology. Secondly, they will be designed to follow traditional periodization (planned increase in volume and intensity over time) so that you improve and get stronger throughout the month. Third, you have me, your virtual trainer, if you have any questions or need suggestions for modifications


Q: What if I want to workout Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday, but the workouts appear in my calendar Monday, Wednesday, Friday?

A: The workout calendar will show you when your next incomplete workout is (marked green as “complete” and red as “incomplete”), so you can always follow your workouts in order despite doing them on other days than is programmed in your calendar.

Q: How do I download the app?

Go to your app store from whatever device you want to access the program from - and search for “TeamBuildr”. The TeamBuildr logo is orange and should be available for a free download straight to your phone. The program is also available via a desktop computer via https://app.teambuildr.com

Q: How do I view my month’s worth of workouts?

Go to the top right hand corner of your main screen on your TeamBuildr app and click the calendar icon. This will show all the loaded workouts for your month, and give you a visual of how many you have yet to complete (red), how many you’ve partly completed (yellow), and how many are fully done (green).

Q: What if I don’t know an exercise on my program?

There will likely be months when there are multiple exercises you’ve never tried before. Each exercise will have a video demonstrating and explaining the basics of the exercise,  and I will leave some notes on each exercise that will cue you to help you do it properly. Otherwise, feel free to message me within the app to ask any further questions you might have.


Q: What does reps in reserve mean (displayed as 2 reps to failure)?

This is a way of me helping you select the right intensity for the exercise. Because percentage-based intensity selection (ie. 85% of 1-rep max) requires the testing of a 1 rep maximum for each exercise, we prefer to use reps in reserve (RIR). For example, if it is a 2 reps in reserve day, it could be displayed as RPE 8/10 (rated perceived exertion), or 2 RIR. If the set requires you do do 10 reps, you should select a weight that feels like you could have done 2 more after you finish 10. Said another way, select a weight that you could do 12 times, but you only have to do it 10 times. This will help you progress throughout the month more than going to failure each set.


Q: What if I’m extremely sore going into the next workout?

If you’re extremely sore and have planned a workout the same day, we would recommend taking one more day off, or doing a recovery day in the gym instead. It is possible that you selected weights that were too heavy for you or just need another day of rest for your muscles to recover.


Q: What do the tempos mean?
Tempos are how slow or fast to perform the exercise, and are always displayed in 4 numbers or a letter X in place of a number: XXXX. The first number is always the eccentric (lengthening) muscle action or lowering of the weight, the second is the pause after the lowering, the third is how long it should take to perform the concentric (shortening) muscle action, and the last number is the pause.

Ie. 21X2 on a Lat Pull down means 2 seconds to bring the bar from your chest to the ceiling (top) position, 1 second pause at the top, X means pulling the weight back to your chest as fast as possible, and then holding the weight there for 2 seconds. 

Ie. a 4110 on a Squat would mean lowering down to the bottom of the squat in 4 seconds, then pausing at the bottom for one second, then coming back up to the start position in 1 second, and not taking a pause at the top.


Q: Do I really need to follow the rest periods?

Yes. The rest periods were written to maximize the correct muscle adaptation we’re going for.

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