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If you drove a Formula 1 race car, and got a flat tire, would you try replacing the frame? Adding a bigger engine? Or would you just replace the tires?

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At Vital we pride ourselves with being able to help a lot of complex clients. From Olympians with complex histories, to hobby triathletes and weekend warriors, to complex presentations and sources of pain that are hard to figure out.

We have done hundreds of assessments and thousands of hours of training teams and individuals. Even in the most elite performers, and despite some of the most complex pain displays, most people lack the basics. 

We created our Foot Foundations program because often we spend many days, weeks, and sometimes months, teaching new clients the "meat and potatoes" of what we think are the foundations of foot mobility, strength, and control at their feet, before we build off of those. We wanted to make the basics more accessible to more people so that we could continue to have an impact at every level. 

We know the typical way the medical system deals with pain and other problems: pills, passive therapy, ice, rest, and in the case of feet: insoles. This program is the opposite of the passive solutions. This program has helped people with plantar fasciitis, repetitive calf and achilles tears, flat foot, foot neuromas, bunions, and even knee and hip pain to start moving and feeling better.

For less than the cost of a personal training session, this program offers 8 weeks of progressed exercises that can help you start to dig yourself out of the hole you're in, and be active in the ways you want to be.

Stop letting your tires spin out. Get more power, more performance, and less pain by building the foundations of foot strength. 

All you need is an app, a mini band, and a large band!


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