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In collaboration with SDR Academy, we are launching a LIVE online training program for hockey players age 7-12 years old.
Three times per week, our team at Vital will be going LIVE to teach the kids the FUNdamentals of learning to train. Our coaches are experts in the field of movement, training, physiology and athletic development. We are so excited to finally offer our skills to the masses.
Participants will get the program FREE for the week of March 30th to April 3rd, so don't wait to join! 
Those who sign up can expect 3 sessions per week of training and access to a training app to track and record all progress. They can also access top level coaches helping them weekly with skating imitations, stick handling, and hockey skill work
"We’ve developed our Spring Programs to be the right blend of training to physically and mentally prepare and rejuvenate kids. A lot of Spring hockey programs focus on game outcomes. At SDR, we are focused on the process, and learning and repeating behaviours that enable confidence and skill improvement."
To join our next free training session starting March 31, 2020 at 1pm on WebEx Platforms, email or request more information below:



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