hockey academy live

In collaboration with SDR Academy, we are launching a LIVE online training program for hockey players age 7-12 years old.

Recently, many sports including hockey have recognized that many of the teens, children and youth who enter their programs lack basic movement skills. Children who are physically skilled are more likely to play hard, play well, and play for life. Our program combines a unique physical literacy-based fitness assessment and report card that other programs lack. Our dry-land program focuses on the “fun” in Fundamentals while keeping children on track to hit physical milestones in training like quality of movement, confidence, and internal motivation. From these fundamentals, come speed, strength, and competence, which ultimately leads to well-rounded and top-level athletes.


We believe that each individual’s ultimate goal is the realization of potential through high performance and great heath. We achieve this by meeting each individual where they’re at and guiding them to where they want to go.

"We’ve developed our Spring Programs to be the right blend of training to physically and mentally prepare and rejuvenate kids. A lot of Spring hockey programs focus on game outcomes. At SDR, we are focused on the process, and learning and repeating behaviours that enable confidence and skill improvement."
For a sample of the program we ran in the Summer of 2020, click on our program calendar outline below:


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