Runner's Silhouette

our mission

we are driven by complex cases
we are qualified strength, conditioning, exercise physiology, nutrition, and therapy professionals.... and, we're different

We believe that each individual's ultimate goal is the realization of potential through high performance and great health. And, that performance and health can be symbiotic.

Our foundation is built on serving complex cases, from Olympic Journeys to Chronic Pain. To do this we create a clear path for each individual by meeting them where they're at and guiding them to where they want to go.

Our mission is to change the way people perceive performance and rehab. They are not separate, they are on the exact same spectrum. Movements that are injury-resistant tend to be those that are also performance-enhancing.

Our clients boast both rehabilitation of age-old injuries, nagging pains, and speedy recoveries, while also citing that our athletes are confident on their rise to personal bests, National teams, and podiums. 

don't believe us?
 read what our clients have to say:


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