$100-$1000 Home Gym Set Up

Looking to get a home gym set-up while shut downs waiver between "open with restrictions" to "closed at all costs"?

My friend Blaine, who trained on our $20 Strength Club during the last shut down, has put together a budget-friendly progression of how to get set up for training from home with as little as $100, up to $1000, and with check stops in between.

Admittedly, I don't have much of a home gym set up as we live in an apartment, but during the abrupt shut down in Calgary in March, our stationary bike, Powerblocks, bands, and yoga mat got the job done for the following 6 months (along with outdoor activities!).

While we have been hearing a lot lately that we should be buying local, gym equipment tends to be the type of products that can't be purchased from local vendors, but rather, need to be bought from large retailers, for the most part.

If buying local is still your main goal this year, buy your programming from a local company like ours, like this budget-friendly one, this one that requires NO home gym equipment, or this more personalized one.

So, here's some ideas for how to progress your home gym from barren to stacked, enjoy!

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