Life lessons thus far

When I need to check myself, these things come to mind:

Live beneath your means. Return everything you borrow. Spring clean often, and give clothing away to charities. Read books, articles, papers, even Facebook posts and learn something everyday. Volunteer somewhere that's out of your comfort zone. Make time for exercise. The guidelines suggest 150 minutes of moderate to heavy intensity exercise per week. Add up your Fit Bit numbers because you might be the statistic that isn't getting this minimum dose. BE HUMBLE. Call your mom/dad. Often! Call your grandparents often too. Go for a run - you might surprise yourself. Go on free dates (hikes, bikes, baking dates). Try something new. Call a friend. Go an entire day without saying something mean. Lookup a free yoga class in town and attend with an open mind. Find a positive spin on something negative. Stop judging others - it's a reflection on your feelings of yourself. Be nice to everyone - even the homeless person that is freaking you out a little right now. Drink tea, it's good for you. Help out in your community whether that means shoveling someone's driveway, or offering some good advice. Take deep breaths. Take time for yourself - whether this means daily, or, time to be single. Know when to keep your mouth shut. Teach someone something. Meditate. It is free and unlike drugs and supplements, it has only the most positive side effects, and works for everyone. Realize that you don't know everything. Try a new recipe. Make life of a craft you pinned on Pinterest last year. If you fall asleep at work, maybe you're in the wrong career. Find one that's exciting, stimulating, and one that keeps you awake. Take pride in a good workout - but don't post in on social media. Find the thing that makes you come alive. For me, that's the mountains. And teaching.

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