Recovery and Injury-Prevention Strategies for Runners

Recently, an old friend from University and I reconnected. It's funny how social media works, because although I haven't spoken to Kelsey in years, a quick scan through someone's social media, and you feel like you know them again. Speaking to Kelsey, I quickly learned that we had more in common, years after our last meet up, than I thought. While she is currently doing a Masters in Psychology in Toronto, I had just finished my Masters in Kinesiology from the University of Calgary last year. Also, we were both training for running various races, and were wanting to make our dent in some meaningful way. For Kelsey, this was the creation of the entity, UR Enough.

UR Enough started as a running team for the Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon with the goal to raise money in the charity challenge for NEDIC. Their goal was to target individuals who had overcome adversity. They believed that everyone had a unique story and those stories could be used to inspire others while creating a sense of community and belonging. Now UR Enough is taking shape to be more than just a running team. While they are increasing their community involvement with events, they are at a point where we are making long term goals for UR Enough and trying to figure out the long-term vision and direction.

"What is amazing is the response we have received from business professionals. For example, we have had people contact us wanting to help bridge this into either a not for profit or a social enterprise. So in the coming weeks, our long term career path will be more clear."

In the meantime, I asked, how could I be of value? How can I help? As an exercise physiologist, my first thought was providing training programs for the runners - but Kelsey and the other runners were already following training programs.

Secondly, I thought - maybe I could meet up with the runners and teach them strengthening or mobility exercises to help them with prevention of injury, or recovery strategies, during their training? This is when Kelsey asked me:

"Maybe you could provide us with a list of stretches to prevent injuries? And then if injuries arise you would be available for questions?"

And that is how this partnership was born.

Conveniently, a good friend of mine Dr. Justin Tan and I recently had the opportunity to create a running-injury prevention and recovery technique video with Lululemon (as Justin is an ambassador for them). Justin is a chiropractor in Calgary, Alberta, whom I also went to University with, back in the day. Over the last few years, Justin has created "Rollax" a meditative mobility class incorporating rolling and mobility balls, that the two of us have shared with clients, athletes, and friends alike. Furthermore, we are both Functional Range Conditioning (FRC by Dr. Andreo Spina) specialists, and have incorporated mobility training from FRC into practice.

Enjoy the video below, thanks to Lululemon, to help with running injury prevention, and then check out the link to Kelsey's website below, UR Enough, and find out how you can get involved with their big idea! Furthermore, if you are running as part of the UR Enough running team in the upcoming Charity Challenge in the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, please use me as a resource (long-distance or short!) for helping you to reach your running goals!

UR Enough is raising money for NEDIC. The National Eating Disorder Information Centre is a non-profit organization that provides supportive resources on eating disorders, and food and weight preoccupation. They not only have additional education programs that target children and youth and professional development, but they are Canada’s ONLY National Toll-Free Helpline. They provide information on treatment options, and support to people across Canada either directly or indirectly affected by disordered eating.

To contact Kelsey or UR Enough, click their image above for a link to their website!

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