Running Kinogram of 5 different runners

This week, we wanted to do a slightly different blog post, utilizing a technique we learned from ALTIS.

These kinograms were taken in 2018 during our summer track sessions, to try to learn more about the athletes recurring injuries, and to tune-in their sprinting performance.

Instead of me telling you what I see, I want to hear from you. Analyze these 5 sprinters form, and notice a) What are the similarities? b) What are the differences? c) How might their biomechanics of the lateral view of their sprinting set them up to be successful or injured?

Athlete 1:

Athlete 2:

Athlete 3:

Athlete 4:

Athlete 5:

I once heard that the best way to get hired is to show your value. If you can show that you are a deep thinker, a deep worker, have the skills to research answers when you don't know them, and can ask good questions, you are more likely to be valuable to your employer.

While we aren't hiring, yet, the best interns I've had, are the ones that can do the above skills really really well.

So, even if you're not looking for an internship or a job, open up the conversation with us, and we will be open to collaboration, brain-storming, or working in a mutually beneficial relationship.

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