3 Textbooks you need to have in your arsenal: 2nd Edition

In the 2nd edition of our textbook recommendations, we have three textbooks that I have read in the last 10 years at different times during my career.

In the last edition of this post, found HERE, we recommended 3 textbooks that have helped to shape and develop our careers as strength and conditioning or exercise physiologists.

So, this week's quick blog post is for YOU to order if you're a student of sport science, or for YOU to forward to someone you know who you think would benefit from this short list.

This text book is written by one of the greats of the greats, Frans Bosch. When I started to break into the strength training world, I fell into working with various track and field athletes, bobsled and skeleton athletes, and long-distance runners. This textbook helped me in learning about running form, important concepts from my Kinesiology degree that I could link to the training world, and was my first taste of the Frans Bosch philosophy and training method.

This book, by Brett Bartholomew, helped me in the sense that every athlete and client I've ever worked with have had different personalities. Early in my career, I tended to take these differences personally when the training relationship didn't work out, or when the athlete didn't have as much buy-in as I thought they should. This book helped teach me how to deal with the differences in personality types we deal with daily as coaches, and taught me about the ART OF BUY-IN, which cannot be understated how important it is.

Starting Strength, like the other textbook I recommended, Easy Strength was a textbook that I got very early on in my career, recommended by one of my mentors in the field. Similarly, I own the PDF version now too, but think that all strength coaches should own this book.

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