3 Textbooks you need to have in your arsenal if you are a student of sport science and training

This week on the blog, I've decided to take a quick right turn, and recommend three textbooks that I think all students in Kinesiology, Sport Science, Sport Medicine, or athletic training should read.

Recently I combed through my library of textbooks from my degree, and realized that there are many textbooks that I can now access online, so I decided to sell an abundance of my old textbooks. While some of them cannot be found in a virtual/online format (hint: first textbook in this series), the others can.

So, this week's quick blog post is for YOU to order if you're a student of sport science, or for YOU to forward to someone you know who you think would benefit from this short list.

This textbook is short and sweet - giving you all the GOODS of training methods in knowledge bombs the entire way through the book. They leave to space for "umms" "ifs" or "buts" and really just dive straight into the most important features we need to consider in sports training.

This book by Bompa, is still a go-to for me when I'm working on a difficult athlete or a new sport that I've never worked with before. This textbook gives details on how to create a yearly training plan for various sports, options on how to lay out the months, weeks, and days, and specific details on what the strength and conditioning component considerations should be.

Easy Strength was a textbook that I got very early on in my career, recommended by one of my mentors in the field. I now own one of the only remaining textbook copies of this, but it is available online in PDF form on various sites for not-too-much money. I like this textbook, because for someone who never did strength training in high school or university from a Strength Coach, this layed out form, periodization, and principles of strength training that have stayed with me throughout my career.

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