Amazing testimonial of a triathlete, and now a mom-to-be!

We just received the most amazing testimonial this week, and we couldn't be more grateful. While this testimonial is for "me", I say "we" because Nick and I are a team, and our wins are shared!

I started working with Carla over a year ago after being referred by my physiotherapist Tyson Plesuk. I had a long list of past injuries including a work related low back pain, L3/4 disc tear, stress fractures among others with the latest being chronic hip pain which impacted my ability, to sit for any length of time, sleep and be active without repercussions the following day. I had tried to manage this injury with various professionals (osteopathy, massage, Pilates, TCM, acupuncture, sports medicine) and injections (phototherapy, PRP and cortisol) as well as the dreaded time away from running and biking without success. An MR-A later diagnosed a near full thickness labrum tear for which I was referred to an orthopedic surgeon. For me surgery was not an option, but strengthening was. Carla very quickly identified poor movement patterns and weakness that had developed from years of running, biking and swimming without any dedicated strength training.
Rather than being focused on my MRI Carla saw the potential to improve my movement patterns and weaknesses as opportunities. She also collaborated diligently with my physiotherapist Tyson ensuring everyone was on the same page and moving forward.
My initial goal when working with Carla in the fall of 2019 was to be able to manage multi-day backpacking trips and long day hikes on a much anticipated trip to Patagonia that December. Carla’s attention to detail and knowledge of movement was foundational in achieving this goal. I made it through a 12 hour long haul flight and 3 weeks straight of hiking without being limited by hip pain! Carla remained just as invested in my next goal of returning to biking and running. Despite my goal triathlon race being cancelled that spring I spent my summer running, biking and hiking distances I hadn’t in years. After being plagued by injuries for the past 4 years of my life I finally felt confident in my body’s ability to be active, resilient and to use movement as medicine.
Although this process was not linear and there were no short cuts it has given me the confidence to put my newfound strength to the ultimate test- pregnancy. I am now over halfway through my pregnancy and Carla has continued to adapt to my changing mechanics and frame as I continue to swim, run and cross country ski. I would have never imagined that despite my growing body, I continue to grow stronger with Carla’s guidance. I can’t thank Carla and her team at Vital enough for taking me back to basics, teaching me how to move, strengthen, and recover so that I can keep coming back for more. The team at Vital is second to none. So, if you “think” you might need a strength coach, you do. It’s Carla. And if you think you know how you’re moving and where you are breaking down, you don’t. Ask Carla.

- Sara Cartwright

Thanks as always for your support, and if you are a client of ours that would like to write us a testimonial, you can do so via THIS link. Thanks in advance!

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