Exercise of the week: Rudiments

On this week's instalment of "exercise of the week" we wanted to highlight Rudiments, a track and field drill I learned from the great coach and mentor, Les Gramantik.

To do Rudiments properly, a few key coaching elements are:

  1. Think of having reactive toes and tension in the quads and hamstrings, shins and calves. This tension is otherwise known as "co-contraction".

  2. Have reactive toes - in other words, ankles should stay relatively dorsiflexed, and feet should touch the ground in short bursts

  3. Hop on both feet, going in all directions - forwards, backwards, and side to side

  4. When your skill and technique is higher, you can practice the single leg variation

We use these at the end of our track workouts, and ask the athletes to go barefoot for a dose of foot-strengthening, flushing, and proprioception of the foot.

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