Exercise of the week - Sample Rollax exercises

For our second "exercise of the week" - we have a throw-back video to share of myself and Justin Tan. This video was done around 2018 for Lululemon, but it is still relevant today - especially since we have brought back Rollax classes since the COVID-19 Pandemic has started! Rollax is essentially an online class we hold twice per week, where participants learn rolling techniques and functional anatomy, thoughtfully presented through tissue mobilizing protocols and breathing.

Our hope with Rollax is to use it to effectively prevent injuries to your fascia, muscle and joints, using it as a body therapy resource that uses trigger point release, proper posture, anatomy and sensation. We believe that when your body and mind learn to be more supple, it will allow for an accelerated response and optimal output thereafter.

Here are some notes about its effectiveness.

1. "Knots" in your muscles are not really knots like you would find in a rope, because the attachments and insertions of the muscles don't actually change. Instead, when you feel knots or increases sensations in areas of your body, it is likely your nervous system up-regulating the tone in those muscles.

2. The nervous system might up-regulate for a number of reasons, not limited to

a) an acute injury, where the nervous system needs to tighten the muscles in the area so that the joint or tissues is immobilized and does not get further injured

b) a chronic injury, where the nervous system has learned to keep the muscles tight, although it is no longer serving a purpose of guarding an injury - because the injury has healed

c) staying in the same position or posture for too long, creating a "learned" pattern of the muscles to stay shortened or lengthened.

3. We find that when we teach participants to properly release areas with increased sensation, the nervous system is able to relax and release some of the guarded tissue, creating relief, more range of motion, less sensation, and sometimes instant changes in full-body feelings of pain (for the better!).

So, this week we share a short video of our quick Rollax recording. Enjoy! And join a class by searching for "Rollax" on our site to try it out for yourself.

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