Fundraiser for the Calgary Drop-In Centre

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Assuming you haven't lived under a rock for 2020 - it's generally been a pretty rough year for most people. Between losing jobs, businesses closing, and an unpredictable outlook on the future, this pandemic year has hit some harder than others. Alberta was already getting hit hard prior to the pandemic, and as of March 2020, things got even worse. This winter ahead will require grit and resilience for many Albertans to endure.

If you're reading this post right as it is published - on the morning of Halloween, 2020, you should know that myself and 7 others have just started running hill repeats at the Crescent Heights stairs in Calgary, in an attempt to "Summit Everest" for charity. How are we doing this?

We are *currently* running the elevation equivalent of Mt. Everest (8848 m) in the span of a day (October 31st starting at 8 AM) by doing hill laps of the path underneath the infamous Memorial stairs in Calgary at McHugh Bluff. This is a total of 300 laps of the hill. Help support us and those who are vulnerable in Calgary during what will be a tough season for many.

How can you support us? You can support us by coming by our fundraiser this morning - and running a lap of the hill with us - or bringing by some warm clothes you want to part with for donation to the Calgary Drop-In Centre. If you would like to stay home, you can follow THIS link to our Go Fund Me campaign, where we are trying to raise the equivalent amount in dollars to the height in metres of Everest.

The Calgary Drop-In Centre (the DI) is more than an emergency shelter. It provides essential care as well as health services, employment training, and housing supports to people who need help. Their programs and services connect people to permanent housing that meets their individual needs. Rooted in community and fueled by kindness, the DI proudly serves as part of the Homeless-Serving System of Care. For more information on how to volunteer, donate or otherwise make an impact, visit

Thank you also to our amazing sponsors for the event!

- XACT Nutrition

- Spolumbo's Sausage

- Urban Butcher

- G2G Bars

- Outrun Rare Foundation

- Red Truck Brewing

- One For The Road Brewing Co

- Nuun Hydration

- One For The Road Brewing

Let's make a difference. Thanks in advance!

UPDATE: We officially raised over $10 000 for the Calgary Drop In Centre in exchange for running about 1100m and 32 hill repeats for each team member (8 of us). This resulted in about 25-29.5k per runner depending on if they had to run to the bathroom during the event or not! Furthermore, we got a massive amount of donations of garbage bags filled with warm clothing for the DI. We are so pumped that we could make a difference.

Thank you so much to our community for your support - we could NOT have done it without you. Stay tuned for next year!

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