Interview: Programming for weightlifting and its transfer to other sports

Back on April 24, 2020, about a month into the COVID-19 lock down in Calgary that had forced us to stay at home, Alex Hague and I decided to record a Zoom call of a conversation we were planning on having in-person pre-covid. Alex and I worked alongside each other at SAIT prior to all gyms and most businesses in Calgary being forced to close; Alex as an employee and myself as a contractor renting space.

Alex is a former wrestler who was working with a range of athletes at SAIT and with the weightlifting club, both as a coach and an athlete.

Although I personally have a background in teaching Olympic lifting for the past 8 years, as a "menu item" in training a range of athletes myself, I have never competed, and have never programmed exclusively for a weightlifter. Similar to Powerlifting, the knowledge of how to program an Olympic Weightlifter or Powerlifter, is in my opinion, a skill that lies on "one end of the spectrum". On the other end of the spectrum is extensive endurance sport, to directly contrast to the pure strength and power sports. The majority of general population clients, developing solo sport athletes (like tennis), and team sports (like hockey or rowing) lie somewhere in the middle of the spectrum of blending the physical qualities.

Sports in the middle of the spectrum tend to need to adopt some of the qualities from each end - namely some strength and power qualities, and some speed-endurance, anaerobic and conditioning qualities. This is a very simplistic way to describe the actual complexity that goes in to these "middle spectrum" sports, but hopefully an introduction to the thought-process.

In this talk, we discuss the application of Olympic lifting to other sports, give programming examples of how Alex uses these training principles to integrate into the team setting,. Enjoy!

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