Lockdown Updates - Action Required From Our Members


As you have probably heard, Calgary has entered another round of lockdowns, and starting December 12th, we will not be able to have members in the gym until January 8th, 2021 at minimum.

The health of our clients is our priority. If you need anything, my phone will be on (403 804 2782) and my email open. Reach out if you need me! With that said, we have created 5 options to ensure nobody is left behind during this time. We are still here for you. We've done this before and we will have to be adaptable again! OPTION 1: Leave Membership Open If you can afford to keep your membership active, doing so will support the sustainability of our small business. No need to do anything, but email us here if you like!

OPTION 2: Switch to Zoom Training Book these sessions the same way you would book regular training with us via MindBody, and we will train you virtually during your allotted time slot! We will plug in some virtual small group training sessions, also.

OPTION 3: $20 Strength Club

Do you have an at-home gym? No equipment at home at all? While all gyms in Calgary are closed, try the $20 Strength Club and maintain strength while you stay cozy in your home. We have an equipment and no-equipment version, too!

OPTION 4: Individualized Programming

Trade in one of your personal training sessions for an individualized program in your TeamBuildr for the next month! Contact your coach for more information.

OPTION 5: Pause Membership Until Lockdown Ends If needed, we can pause your membership for the time period of the current lockdown, and you will be notified via email when your membership is unpausing. All payments will be re-scheduled accordingly.

Lastly - we will be offering complimentary shipping or delivery on all merchandise orders over $100.

Please contact us (info@vitalstrengthphysiology.com) to discuss which option you would like to select! We hope to see your faces ASAP. We miss you already. We miss you already!

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