Client Testimonial: Is it possible to avoid double knee replacement surgery?

Maura has been a client of ours for over 2.5 years. Initially referred by @amackattack of @coalitioncalgary , Maura had constant bilateral knee swelling due to "bone on bone" cartilage destruction. She was one call away from bilateral knee replacements.

To prolong the avoidance of knee replacements, she tried trusting us.

We have focused on her biomechanics, strength deficits, and movement retraining specific to her skating (she’s a hockey player). While seeing improvements in her skating and hockey game, the knee swelling and pain also disappeared. We’re now PAIN FREE and thriving.

I actually worked with Maura way back in 2013-14 when I was still full time at the Canadian Sport Institute, as Maura was in a ladies hockey group I was training. When Maura was referred to me for a New Client Assessment, I felt like I recognized her name (as it is unique), but never did I think she would walking through my door a few days later, at a different location, and with little realization she was coming to see her old trainer!

I had injured my knee severely and could barely walk. I thought knee replacement surgery was imminent. After many hours of successful rehabilitation, thanks to Amy MacKinnon of Coalition, she suggested that I would benefit from Carla's expertise. And she was right!
Carla's diligence, expert knowledge and personal approach has allowed me to get back to playing hockey, cycling, skiing, walking and hiking with confidence. All of the movements and exercises are tailored to my body's needs and goals. Carla designs exercises that challenge, strengthen and teach me to move without causing injury or pain. It turns out that all my life I have been relying on knees and quads instead of properly using my glutes.
It is always fun and challenging to see what Carla's new program will be - she changes it up every four weeks so you certainly do not get bored! I can see and feel progress and it translates to all of the other activities that I do. No knee replacement surgery in my imminent future!

- Maura Graham

To boot, here are some recent update videos that we filmed more recently.

Thanks so much Maura! We love working with you, and thanks for continuing to trust us even via Zoom training while our gym was still closed!

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