Pierre's 6 month follow up - Assessment Comparison

Today we're going to keep it short and sweet.

First off - Happy Valentine's Day - we hope it's full of love, even if you're spending it solo today.

Secondly, here's Pierre's 6 month mark comparing his initial assessment post-first lockdown, and his second assessment, this past week. Pierre originally saw us complaining of lots of low back pain, and committed to a 6 month 1x/week training membership to see if we could help him sort it out.

He now reports NOT FALLING ONCE on the ski hill recently, when he would normally have 4-5 big falls due to lack of balance, in a day. He reports NO MORE back pain, despite coming to us with a massive low back flare up due to a disc problem. And he reports NO MORE drop foot on the daily basis, numb leg, or referral pain into the affected legs due to the disc.

Enjoy this quick compilation to see the changes in mobility, strength, control, and balance. Not once did we practice "balance training" in the traditional sense, ie. no balance boards, no standing on one leg unsupported, and no "sit fit" cushions. Just pure simple strength and mechanics.

After watching this, we imagine the day when @canada.gov.ca and the government of @alberta could recognize the long-lasting benefits to coaching in a 1-1 manner, and the impacts we have on the health care system. At least, not shutting us down for another 6 months..... and at most, subsidizing the cost of our services. If you are on instagram, there's an account designed to fight for just that, Save Fitness Alberta Coalition is working to get the government to recognize the importance of these services, and to subsidize them in the future, just like they would a surgery. After all, if you read this post of ours, you would already know that we CAN prevent surgeries from being needed - which would be a huge offload of funds that the Canadian healthcare system currently spends.

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