Client Testimonial: Solving a chiropractor's back pain

Over the Christmas break, we received this testimonial from our client, chiropractor Dr. Laurence Dion. The testimonial speaks for itself, but I'll provide a little background information to start.

Initially, Laurence was referred to us by our friend Dr. Amy MacKinnon from Coalition Calgary. If you've been to our new space in the mission in 2020, you will have noticed the new clinic that Coalition Calgary has built! It is beautiful.

Laurence came to us early in 2020, just before the first COVID lockdowns, at which point we did a New Client Assessment and captured some pictures and videos for our records, the ones below being 2 of many others.

Despite having an in-depth knowledge of the body, the spine, and the causes of pain, Dr. Dion was in a lot of low back pain, and was suffering from even the most basic every day movements like working at her clinic, and going on hikes. She was afraid to move with the fear of the pain repercussions, and her friend Amy thought we could help. Laurence wasn't sure about the commitment of sticking with us for our 6 or 12 month memberships, but here's what she has to say after her first membership with us ended recently (and she renewed for 12 months, too!):

I will begin by stating that the training and overall experience I have had with Nick and Vital Strength and Physiology has been absolutely invaluable. Prior to starting with Nick my training was very one-dimensional. I was seeing minimal gains in strength, mobility and endurance. As a chiropractor, my workdays are often quite physically demanding. Add an acute traumatic back injury and it becomes obvious that my case was complex. I have a thorough understanding of the human body and yet I found myself in a frustrating place where I couldn’t seem to get through my week at the office without back pain. Nick took into consideration all of my concerns and gradually guided me in breaking down the dysfunctional patterns I had developed. He is truly an expert in his field. Nick’s demeanour motivates me to train smart, continually reinforces the lost confidence I had in my body’s ability to move and adapt, and he always goes the extra mile. He puts in immense effort to track progress and continually refine the plan to meet client’s needs. My strength, mobility and endurance are now continually improving, but most importantly, my fear of movement has evaporated and I am able to get through work weeks with less pain and have resumed many of the leisure activities I was afraid of doing for fear of “flaring things up”. Healing and progress take time. I have learned so much in this process. Vital Strength and Physiology will help you no matter where you’re at in life, work and training. Nick and Carla have all of my trust. I will repeatedly recommend them to my friends, family and patients. Thank you Nick and Carla, as well as Dr. Amy Mackinnon for referring me to Nick and providing me with the most amazing care along the way. I hope to see this team of people working together to help others for a long, long time!

-Dr. Laurence Dion

To boot, here are some recent update videos that we filmed more recently.

Thanks so much Laurence! We love working with you, and thanks for continuing to trust us even via Zoom training while our gym is still closed!

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