Testimonial by Bianca Ribi

We will veer off track during this week's "exercise of the week" and will post a lovely client testimonial of our client Bianca Ribi.

I was first referred Bianca in the summer of 2018 by one of the staff at Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton (BCS). Bianca had recently returned to Calgary from her University Div 1 Soccer Scholarship, and was not ready to stop competing in sport at a high level, so she showed up at a tryout for the National Bobsleigh team.

At first, Bianca did some one-off track sessions with me to learn some running drills, proper running technique, and to get some video feedback. In her first season trying the sport of Bobsleigh, we primarily did distance programming for strength training.

In Bianca's second season as a Bobsleigh athlete, Vital recruited top track coach Les Gramantik to work with a group of athletes from BCS, and Bianca continued to do distance strength programming while we worked with Les on refining her sprint skills. That year, she ran a personal best 30m sprint of 3.98s which we chalk up to her world-class sprint coaching.

This year, in 2020, and throughout the COVID shut downs, Bianca decided to hire Vital to work with her in-person to write and implement her strength programs. She had also been nursing a heel injury that had plagued her through the 2019-20 season, but that we didn't have a chance to fully rehab and pay attention to until post-season 2020.

We love working with Bianca because she asks smart questions, isn't afraid to challenge us on our reasonings, and puts in a 100% effort in with each session. She's a positive, loyal, and fun athlete to have around - and for this we are so thankful to be on her team.

Enjoy this 4.5 minute condensed testimonial by Bianca, filmed mostly in our new training space, and also with a cameo by her biggest fan, her father, in a garage gym at the end!

If you like this video or have any questions, please feel free to reach out!

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