Testimonial by Shannon Divall

We will veer off track during this week's "exercise of the week" and will post a lovely client testimonial of my client Shannon Divall.

I was first referred Shannon around May or June of 2019 by Tyson Plesuk, physiotherapist and co-owner of Movement Sports Clinic in downtown Calgary. Tyson and I have collaborated on numerous clients over the years, since I met Tyson around 2016 through a group of Bobsledders I was working with.

I love working with Tyson because he is an excellent therapist, and because he understands the close connection between therapy, training, and performance. They are so closely related that often the lines are blurred when the best therapist, and the best strength and conditioning coaches, are able to sway between table to court with ease.

The collaboration with Tyson on this case was key, because as Shannon mentions in this testimonial video, she was getting relief from going to physio, but every time she went to work out, everything would get jacket up again and she would experience heightened pain levels related to her Spondylolisthesis again. After 2-3 years of 8/10 back pain every day, and a very physical job as a hairdresser making things even worse on her back, Shannon found Vital and we were able to bring her down to multiple days of zero pain ever since.

Shannon still works diligently to prevent the back pain from coming back through correct movement patterning, an individualized program custom to her body and goals, and towards being completely pain-free for life, one day.

Enjoy this 4 minute condensed testimonial by Shannon, filmed in her home basement gym.

If you like this video or have any questions, please feel free to reach out!

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