Wonderful Testimonial for Nicholas Simpson

One of the things I'm so grateful for as we move in to a new year and a fresh new start, is our clients, friends, and family. In particular, we've reached out to our network more than once in the past 12 months, asking for extra support. During some of last year's shut downs, we asked clients for testimonials, to help us through the slower times during the pandemic so that our reputation could continue to grow! We love seeing the change and progress that our clients experience in training with us, but best of all, is summarizing their experiences for others to read and relate to.

This week we will feature a fantastic testimonial we received from a friend of Nick's. Enjoy!

“Nick Simpson truly saved my life. After over training and just simply doing too much for most of my life, I had developed many symptoms that inhibited my lifestyle and health. I was not sleeping well, getting frequent UTI and kidney infections (undiagnosed), losing my hair, my mouth was always dry, my moods were erratic, I had kidney pain, back pain, my joints hurt all the time, I was itchy around my kidneys to the point of scratching myself raw, my breasts hurt all the time, I did not enjoy being around people, and some days I could sleep for 20 hours and feel like I could sleep for more.... until I crashed and ended up in the hospital. I had many symptoms that my family doctor diagnosed as pre-menopausal. After many doctors and blood test, EKG, after urine samples, hormone tests, ultra sounds, X-rays and drugs. I met the *Best thing to happen to me and my health*, I met Nick Simpson.

Nick first started coming to see my husband for treatment and soon we all became close friends. Nick programmed for me, and helped me recover and figure out what I needed to eat, and take in order to sleep, in order to not have night sweats, in order to not lose my hair. The list of my symptoms was long, but Nick took the time to educate me and teach me why and how to make myself feel better. He has helped me with my long list of symptoms and continues to send me material to read about things that can help my condition.

If anyone in my family needs nutritional/medical help I will always go to Nick first. Before taking drugs, before running to the doctor I run to Nick Simpson. He truly has changed my life. “

- Jenn Swagar, gym owner

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