Cross Fit Class
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So you've seen our $20 Strength Club Equipment and No-Equipment versions, but you want more flexibility in your schedule.

While using the same app, and same workouts, we will tailor your schedule to include between 8-20 workouts during the month, spaced on days that work best for you. 

This "rollover" model for programming is not novel, and is used by high performance athletes to ensure they are getting enough work to improve, while spacing the work around their commitments and fatigue levels.

Choose between as few as 8 workouts and as many as 20 workouts (which will all cycle between the same 3 main lifts) and tell us which days you would like the workouts scheduled on. We will keep them in the same order, will make suggestions on the best rest days, and will add your semi-custom program to your app to be completed each month.

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Day 1 - Max Strength

Day 2 - Hypertrophy

Day 3 - Dynamic strength