This is Vital Video Analysis, a one-time OR monthly subscription service that will help you optimize your performance from anywhere in the world. All you need is a quality video from your phone, GoPro, or other recording device to send us of your lift or sport movement. 


This is your avenue to getting actionable steps to correct your form in order to optimize performance and execute pain-free movement. Vital Video Analysis audits & improves technique - eliminating the need for your coach to be right there beside you by providing detailed feedback.

Step 1:        Choose the plan below

Step 2:       Send your video(s) 


Step 3:        Get feedback




After selecting your plan, and sending your videos to us at,  your movement expert will analyze your movement, and offer feedback and personalized tips in the following areas:

  •           What needs to be released and how to do it

  •           What is weak and needs to be strengthened, how much and what to do

  •           Specific feedback on what we don't like about the movement pattern

  •           Movement or mobility drills to help fix the incorrect execution

  •           Examples of your coach or a sample athlete performing the exercise correctly


Let us help you analyze a single exercise, or multiple exercises of your choice. You may send multiple videos of each exercise from different angles.