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ditch the diet

We suggest you diet the diet. 

We all know that diets don’t work for long, and often, don’t work at all. But if not diets, then what? 

Our certified dietician has thousands of hours of experience working 1-1 with clients who, like you, have complex problems.

We created Vital Nutrition because our clients wanted to get in shape, lean down for their sport or likewise build muscle for it, or solve health issues through food.


No matter how much you exercise, what you eat will determine how you look, feel and function. It will determine how you age, how you perform, and possibly even your confidence. Nutrition, and your gut health, is linked to everything from skin health, to fertility, to the level of performance you will be able to achieve in training.

Everywhere you look online these days, another diet is being marketed as the one that will "fix" your problems.  Worse yet, diets add needless stress and complication to people’s lives. No one wants yet another thing to manage and worry about. We’re all busy enough as it is.

But if not diets, what can you do?

Vital Nutrition is the anti-diet. You won't follow a fad diet. You won’t get all crazy and restrictive about food, and you don’t listen to media reports about how one specific food will kill you while another will cure you (a list which seems to change every other week). And most importantly, you won’t add stress to your already busy life.

Let us take care of all the thinking and researching for you. In place of a diet, which is a bombardment of changes you’re expected to make all at once, we find your “one small thing.” In short, we figure out what small thing you can do right now, today, to yield the maximum physiological change possible.

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We suggest you diet the diet. 

But, we will replace those diets that haven't worked in the past with solid advice from the highest standard of nutrition advice in the industry - our very own dietician.

Vital Nutrition is designed to put you in the steering wheel. We recognize that each person is a complex case, with a different nutrition history, allergy profile, current symptoms, custom goals, and likes and dislikes.

Hire us and take the research and stress of nutrition off your plate.

And - we will tell you what to put back on your plate.